What is the CITEEC Strategic Research Consortium?

Unique for its excellence in R&D and singular transfer of The Galician University System in the field of civil engineering.

A Strategic Grouping of Centre for Technological Innovation in Civil Building and Engineering (CITEEC) is an initiative in the aggregation of new research groups in the Universidad da Coruña. (UDC)

It aims to improve and intensify research and transfer of non-scoped knowledge in engineering and sustainable building with the objective to promote or people’s wellbeing, or economic development and optimization in ecosystem services.

It uses highly technical experimental numerical analysis as its tools.

Aligned with Objectives in Sustainable Development (SDS), the priorities of the RIS3 Strategy, the Spanish Science and Technology and Innovation Strategy 2013-2020 and the European Strategy in 2020.



  • Generate new opportunities for research and transference
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Achieve a social and environmental impact
  • Promote international cooperation
  • Strengthen collaborations
  • Promote people's wellbeing